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#47 Pathway to Spacious Awareness Guided Practice

July 29, 2021 Jennifer O'Sullivan & Sarah Jane Shangraw
Skillful Means Podcast
#47 Pathway to Spacious Awareness Guided Practice
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In our latest guided practice, Jen blends two potent practices to help you land in the tranquility of open, spacious awareness.

The traditional way to call forth this energy is to concentrate on the breath while gently discouraging distracting thoughts, sensations, and other inputs from taking root in the conscious mind. But a lot of people find this very challenging, often retreating from meditative practice thinking that they aren't cut out for it.

If you struggle with quieting your inner chatter, you might find this Internal Family Systems (IFS) meditation more accessible. Instead of trying to screen out your inner voices, you'll be invited to be a compassionate witness for their concerns before you kindly ask them to give you a little space.

Jen uses IFS parts language in this practice. Although you don't have to know anything about IFS to follow this meditation, if you're unfamiliar with IFS and Parts Work, have a listen to Episode 29, where Sarah Jane and Jen chat about what IFS is and why yoga and mindfulness practitioners should look into it. In Episode 30, Jen shares a practice of getting to know your parts.

This episode starts with a little dharma talk followed by the practice. If your podcast player supports chapter markers you can skip ahead. Otherwise, the meditation starts at: 03:08.


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Jen is a Level 2 IFS Practitioner and an enthusiastic booster of parts work. You can get in touch with her directly at where she offers yoga and mindfulness classes, workshops, trainings, and IFS coaching for groups and individuals.

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