Skillful Means Podcast

#96 Portals of Mindfulness Guided Practice

September 01, 2023 Jennifer O'Sullivan & Annie Moyer
Skillful Means Podcast
#96 Portals of Mindfulness Guided Practice
Show Notes

Have you ever caught yourself (or been caught by someone else) with your head buried in your smartphone while doing something mundane like brushing your teeth or walking through your home?

If so, you can probably relate to the lure of distraction when certain moments don't seem worth our full attention. 

In this contemplation, Annie invites us to view these small, ordinary moments during the day as portals to mindfulness that may reveal a hidden treasure of simple awe that awaits our ordinary attention.

To skip the talk and go straight to the mediation, fast forward to 3:33 or use the chapter marker if your player supports them.


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