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#97 Delighting In Joy Guided Practice

September 15, 2023 Jennifer O'Sullivan & Annie Moyer
Skillful Means Podcast
#97 Delighting In Joy Guided Practice
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Jen wraps up her partial series on the Brahma Viharas with Mudita, commonly translated as "sympathetic joy." With Mudita, we're asked to rejoice in the good fortune of others, admittedly not easy.

This is why Jen likes to think of Mudita as "delight," specifically delighting in joy itself whether it's originating from someone else or from within. But, when we are able to delight in other's happiness, it's further solidifies our connection and sense of interconnectedness, helping to ease the suffering of loneliness and isolation.

The meditation starts at 3:39. If your podcast player support chapter makers, you can skip ahead.


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