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#93 Loving-Kindness Guided Practice

July 21, 2023 Jennifer O'Sullivan & Annie Moyer
Skillful Means Podcast
#93 Loving-Kindness Guided Practice
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Some of the most treasured and widely-practiced Buddhist Teachings are the Brahma Viharas (The Four Immeasurables). They also appear in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras as one of the many practices that settle mind.

Sometimes referred to as "The Four Faces of Love," these teachings help us to foreground love in all our encounters... with ourselves, loved ones, community members, and even people that we don't particularly like.

As part of our summer series of practices, Jen is going to share 3 of the four "Divine Abodes," starting with metta (loving-kindness). In this practice, we're training up the capacity to tap into our shared humanity and awaken goodwill towards others.

The meditation starts at 2:04. If your podcast app supports chapter markers, you can jump ahead.


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