Skillful Means Podcast

#84 Embodying Wonder & Whimsy

March 17, 2023 Jennifer O'Sullivan & Annie Moyer
Skillful Means Podcast
#84 Embodying Wonder & Whimsy
Show Notes

We're back from an unplanned hiatus with our continuing series on Annie's Twelve Embodiments of Yoga. This month, Jen and Annie are chatting about the role of wonder and whimsy in practice. Jen is a little skeptical, especially with whimsy, having generally approached her practice as a serious endeavor. Listen in to see if Annie can bring her around.

Mentioned on the Show:
"Yoga and the Quest for the True Self" by Stephen Cope
"Wonder – is not precisely Knowing" by Emily Dickinson

What We're Reading:
"Let the Great World Spin" by Colum McCann
"This Side of Brightness" by Colum McCann
"Apeirogon" by Colum McCann

Murderbot Diaries by Martha C. Wells
"A Memory Called Empire" by Arkady Martine
"A Desolation Called Peace" by Arkady Martine

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