Skillful Means Podcast

#35 Are We in a Golden Age of Trainings and Retreats?

February 11, 2021 Jennifer O'Sullivan & Sarah Jane Shangraw
Skillful Means Podcast
#35 Are We in a Golden Age of Trainings and Retreats?
Show Notes

In this episode, recorded nearly a year after the first COVD-19-related lockdowns, Jen and Sarah Jane discuss the benefits and pitfalls of the mad rush to move trainings and retreats online.

From individual teachers, to studios and centers, to decentralized institutes, the pandemic has brought much change in the way teaching –and learning –is done. Impacts include increased access to teachers and programs, relaxed program requirements, and more.

This evolution has greatly benefited us all as students. However, pitfalls abound. Sarah Jane and Jen get real about imposter syndrome, FOMO, and other psychological states and circumstances that can lead to going overboard and taking on too many trainings in this environment of boundless opportunities. Never happy to leave things there, they also offer practical strategies for maintaining balance as lifelong learners.

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